Global Warming

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Global warming is ending with our poles and polar bears, take action

As consequence of human activity, the earth's climate has been on the rise. Hotter temperatures mean the arctic is getting warmer and melting. This affects polar bears since they live in glaciers.

What is causing global warming?

Global warming is caused by these factors:

  • Carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere absorbs sunlight.
  • Fossil fuel burning.
  • Deforestation
  • Industrial activity

“Climate change is the greatest threat to our existence in our short history on this planet. Nobody’s going to buy their way out of its effects."

Mark Ruffalo 🌱

Why is climate change bad for polar bears and the arctic?

Global warming is bad to polar bears and the poles because in causes glaciers to melt and polar bears to lose their habitats. Polar bears need cold climates to survive, and global warming is taking this from them.

Bottle in ocean

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