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“The Earth is what we all have in common.”

– Wendell Berry



Knowing to care about the environment is becoming increasingly important since humans began to exploit and make use of the Earth’s natural resources. Learn about current environmental problems and their causes by reading the information below!

How to Help


3 Ways to save water

What YOU can do about climate change

50 things to save the planet.

Support organisations that'll do the hard work for you.

Organisations in this list require donations that will then do the hard work of planting trees, cleaning trash, etc.

What can you do against deforestation?

Some solutions to deforestation include:

  • Making companies introduce zero deforestation policies
  • Promoting sustainable alternatives to products
  • Passing laws that protect forests

What actions can you take to reduce air pollution?

Actions you can take to reduce air pollution include turning off devices when you're not using them, buying devices with low energy consumption, use public transportation and/or bikes, scooters, use environmentally friendly paints and cleaning products, and make.

You also have to be extra careful when there is a lot of pollution in the air. When it's forecasted to be really contaminated, take public transportation, reduce the use of fireplaces and stoves, reduce your car usage, walk instead of driving. If we all do these steps we will have a cleaner earth. :)

What YOU can do about climate change

Learning to Earth

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